Water Quality Analysis

Water Quality Analysis

The Issue

Contaminants in drinking water can pose significant health risks to all occupants of a household. A few contaminants that can enter drinking water include: agricultural chemical runoff, naturally-occurring minerals or elements, arsenic or lead, and other elements from plumbing.

Our Service

Up-Country will draw samples of well water and submit them to a state-recognized lab for analysis. We offer test packages that meet requirements for conventional (including Rural Development) and FHA mortgages, and Comprehensive packages that include additional tests for uranium and radon in water. The following table explains in detail what is included in each of our water quality testing packages:

Test Packages

Package name Code
Comprehensive2 CMP
Comprehensive Plus Radon CMP+
1FHA Lead test requires a first draw sample
2Meets Rural Development (RD) loan requirements

Package Component Tests

Test Components FHA CMP CMP+
Total Coliform X X X
E. Coli X X X
pH X X X
Nitrate X X X
Nitrite X X X
Hardness X X X
Chloride X X X
Sodium X X X
Copper X X X
Iron X X X
Manganese X X X
Magnesium X X X
Calcium X X X
Fluoride X X X
Arsenic X X X
Lead X X X
Uranium X X
Radon in Water X

We also offer other water quality tests including radon in water, Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and for single components (examples include arsenic and bacteria).  Please call us to arrange the most appropriate tests for your situation.

For additional information on water quality, please see our Useful Links page.