Energy Audits/Consulting

Energy Audits/Consulting

Save energy. Save money.

Up-Country provides residential and commercial energy audits and consulting services to homeowners, contractors, builders, and architects.     Our mission is to provide you with effective real-world solutions and unbiased information for your project.

Our comprehensive and independent energy audits are performed by qualified professionals certified by Building Performance Institute (BPI). We use the “house as a system” approach to identify comfort, health, safety, and building durability issues. We offer two levels of evaluation services and both unbiased and prioritized recommendations to correct these issues.


A consultation consists of a meeting with the client and performance of a visual evaluation of the home to look for opportunities to make it more efficient, safer, and more durable. A report is not generated. It is recommended that the client tag along with a pad of paper and pencil. If the client decides to proceed with a full Energy Evaluation, the consultation fee is waived.

Energy Evaluation

An Energy Evaluation measures air leakage, locates deficiencies of insulation, and identifies indoor air quality safety issues. Our Energy Evaluation is conducted in accordance with BPI standards. The end product of our evaluation is a comprehensive and unbiased report that documents our observations made during the evaluation process and presents recommendations for ways to increase the efficiency, safety, and durability of the building.

Whether you’re a homeowner who is looking for ways to reduce your fuel consumption or a contractor who needs the help of an independent efficiency professional on new construction or a renovation project, we are here to help. We can assist you with your residential, commercial, or multi-family project.


Once the recommended improvements have been completed, the homeowner is likely to realize a number of long-term benefits, such as:
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Improved safety of residents
  • Increased personal comfort
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Extended longevity of building and appliances
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Increased house value

How can I use this information?

Aside from giving you a prioritized plan of action for your building, an Energy Evaluation may be used for a number of different programs including:

Efficiency Maine Renewable Energy Programs​

Efficiency Maine may require that an energy audit be performed in order to receive a rebate for installed renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics. For more information, visit the Efficiency Maine website.

In addition to energy audits, we also offer infrared analyses for efficiency and moisture issues, and consulting services.

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