Energy Evaluation Tools

Energy Evaluation Tools

Our Energy Evaluators use a variety of specialized tools that measure the energy consumption characteristics of your building.

Blower door​

A blower door is a powerful fan system that simulates drafts experienced in a 25 mph wind storm. Using the blower door, the Energy Evaluator can measure air leakage in your building.

Infrared camera

An infrared camera is used to find deficiencies in insulation, air leaks, and even moisture caused by leaky pipes. A visible-light image of a ceiling looks normal (left), but an infrared camera image shows precise temperatures, and reveals air leakage through a recessed light and insufficient insulation (right). The orange areas in that same infrared photo are higher in temperature.

Combustible gas products detector

A combustible gas products detector is used to check for leaks in natural gas or propane fuel lines.

Combustion gas analyzer

The use of a combustion gas analyzer allows the Energy Evaluator to measure the efficiency of boilers and furnaces, and to sample the flue gases to help determine if there are any problems with combustion.

Fiber optic camera

A fiber optic camera enables the Evaluator to see into inaccessible areas of your building.

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