Septic System Analysis

The Issue

Septic systems and connections to public sewer systems, while generally simple, can fail. When they do, cleaning up the resulting mess and repairing the system can be costly.

Our Service

Up-Country provides complete septic system inspections using state-of-the-art fiber-optic video camera equipment. We can inspect up to 200 feet of leach field lines. Septic systems are inspected by opening the septic tank and directing the fiber-optic camera through the discharge line to the leach field. Conditions that would otherwise remain hidden are immediately seen in full color. We offer an explanation of how the septic system works and how to maintain the current system to insure its greatest longevity.

We can also inspect connections to public sewer systems with our video equipment, where the basement cleanout port is accessible. As access availability is highly variable, please contact us to discuss your sewer inspection needs.

For additional information on septic systems, please see our Useful Links page.


Septic systems inspections can be performed either in conjunction with a building inspection, or separately. Please see our Pricing page for complete details.